Bubble Sportz – Bubble Soccer and Games for Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs

What is Bubble Sportz?
Our Bubble Sports offering was born thanks to the rise in popularity of Bubble Soccer (Football), which originated in Europe and has quickly spread across the world. Players strap into large zorb balls (either 1.8 metres or 1.5 metres), with their legs free to do the running around and kicking of the ball.

A game of soccer ensues where participants collide with each other and roll around inside their bubbles.

Bubble Soccer

Are there any rules?
Bubble Soccer at Eastern Indoor Sports Centre in Melbourne is played with the same basic rules as indoor soccer, with a few basic rules relating to the bubbles.

  • Each team has four players on court at one time
    • Substitutions take place at stoppages
    • Recommend you have plenty of subs as running around with a bubble is quite taxing
  • You cannot bump an opponent with significant force unless…
    • They are within 5 metres of the ball
    • They are on their feet

What other sports and activities can be played in the bubbles?
In addition to Bubble Soccer, a number of other games and activities can be conducted in the bubbles for kids.

These include freestyling inside the bubbles, Bubble Wrestling, Bubble Footy (AFL), Last Man Standing, The Gauntlet, Bubble Chase and Bubble Bowling.

What does ONE hour of Bubble Soccer include?

  • Bubble safety induction, rules explanation and strap fitting
  • Upto 4x 10 minute games with short re-hydration and changeover breaks between
  • Opportunities for photos and videos (both group and action)

To save time on the day, please ensure your booking arrives early or on time and that each participant (or their parent/guardian for minors) has completed a registration form.

What sort of events and bookings can we have in the bubbles?
We offer a range of different booking types that can be tailored to your needs.

  • Adult parties (Birthday, Bux & Hens)
  • Casual social bookings
  • Sporting club and corporate team building
  • Kids parties

How much does it cost?
Casual bookings:
Start at $180 per hour
Kids parties: Start at $30 per child, includes party food, party coordinator, function room, bubble sport + one other sport.

How many people can we bring?
You can bring as many people as you like. There are 8 bubbles out on court at one time, but subs are recommended so we would advise you have at least 10 people. If you’re booking for an hour or more, it would be a good idea to have 16-24 people to allow for 3 or 4 teams and subs.

How can I make a booking?
Please call (03) 9763 7610 to register your interest in a team or booking, or please complete the form below.

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Bubble Guidelines & Rules


  • Sporting attire (shorts or leggings and t-shirt/polos) is recommended as it does get quite hot running around. We advise that you don’t wear a singlet as straps can rub on shoulders.
  • Players must wear sports appropriate closed toe footwear.
  • Players who require glasses must accept the full responsibility for any injury or damage suffered due to the wearing of glasses..
  • Players must remove any loose jewellery and cover any items that may cause injury or damage to the bubbles.


  • Do not deliberately roll on your head or tip others on their head.
  • Hold the handles with both hands.
  • Keep the straps on over your shoulder.
  • Keep your straps tightened and done up to ensure appropriate clearance between the top of your bubble are your head.
  • Check with your instructor if you are worried about the level of inflation in your bubble.
  • No coordinated rough impact charging, particularly from long distances or by jumping into each other.
  • Take care when bumping near your referee/instructor.
  • No spectators are to be present on court, subs are to change over as quickly as possible.


  • Person not in a bubble.
  • Person on the ground or trying to get up off the ground.
  • Person who is not near the ball.
  • Person from a long distance away.
  • Anyone when the referee has stopped play or before play is restarted after a goal.
  • Goal post, goal net, corner, net or frame.


  • Free/kicks and penalties during the game.
  • Player being red carded and ejected from the court.
  • Player being green carded, ejected from the court and having their bubble removed from the game.
  • In cases of serious breaches for rules, the booking will be immediately ended.

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