Here at Eastern Indoor Sports Centre we can cater to Buck's Parties of all sizes. We've got a range of fun activities on offer, showers and change rooms for after and a fully licensed bar on site. We can customise a package for you based on the size of your group, how much time you have to spend with us and what time and date your party is. See below for some of the possibilities!


Strap yourselves in for inflatable fun. Knock each other around while wearing a zorb suit and try and play some soccer along the way.

Starts at $200 per hour for 8 suits. We generally recommend a 2:1 ratio of people to bubbles for an hour.


Play on a "life-sized" pool table. It's 8-pall pool meets regular soccer! A great game to have a few drinks around. Subject to availability and pricing depends


In addition to all the other fun you can have at the venue, you can also choose to play regular Indoor Soccer, Futsal or Cricket on the courts. Organise yourselves or have use referee it for you.


The Archery version of paintball, with a little less pain and bruising involved. Real bows, full face masks, foam arrows and game play similar to Dodgeball.

Starts at $20 per bow per hour. Recommend 90 minutes of playing time with the majority of participants having a bow.



We can run a poker tournament after you've been running around on court. Goes hand in hand with our fully licensed bar.