18 Signs You're A Serious Futsal Player

1. You've Amassed Quite A Collection of Brightly Coloured Kicks...

2. You've Studied The Works of This Man

3. You Can't Wait For The Scores Of Other Games To Go Live

4. You Bring Your Girl To All Your Games To Show Off Your Tekkers

5. You Can Explain the Backpass Rule

6. You've Attempted Free Kicks Like This

7. You've Nailed The 'Champions' Photo Pose For Facebook

8. You've Got Your Name On Your Kit

9. Your Gym Routine Revolves Around Futsal

10. You're Very Familiar With The Utter Joy of Nutmegging Someone

11. You've Put Your Kickaround Time With Mates To Good Use

12. Whenever You're Interchanged Off, The Team Always Seems To Fall Apart

13. You've Played FIFA Street... In Career Mode

14. You Can't Remember The Last Time Your Ankle Was A Normal Size

15. You And Your Team De-Brief After Every Game

16. You Can't Keep a Straight Face When You See A Team That Rotates Goalkeeper

17. You Die Inside When You See Games of 5-A-Side Played With A Fluffy Ball

18. You're Loyal To One of the Following Futsal Brands...