How To Throw And Epic Nerf Birthday Party

Nerf is a long established brand that is still enjoying huge popularity amongst kids. It's simple, it's safe, it's fun and it appeals to a both boys and girls across a wide age bracket.

If your child loves their Nerf, then you should seriously consider a Nerf themed birthday party. There is heaps of fun to be had in planning and organising your event. We've prepared a guide to throwing an epic Nerf Birthday Party!


You're going to need an eye catching invite to send out so that everyone understands what to expect for the party. This will build a lot of hype around your event.

There are heaps of great templates available for free online. You can see our example invitation here.

Obstacles, Targets & Games


You're going to need some obstacles and objects on your arena that the kids can take shelter behind. Painted cardboard boxes, inflatable objects, tyres, pallets and other objects can all be used.


Let your child have some fun researching and coming up with target ideas. Target challenges are a great way for the kids to have 15-20 minutes of fun during the party. They are a great chance for all the kids to get used to the blasters, loading, aiming and firing.


  • Elimination
    • Just like Dodgeball, expect with Nerf. If you get hit you're out!
  • Capture the Flag
    • Each team has to capture and object from their opponents base and return it to theirs.
  • Target Challenge: Bottles
    • Set up your targets and have two teams compete to see who can knock them down first.
  • Humans vs. Zombies
    • Start with two teams. If the humans get hit, they become zombies, if the zombies get hit they are stunned for 10 seconds.
  • Freeze Tag
    • When hit, players must freeze on the spot until a team mate tags them back in



Nerf blasters

You're going to need to have at least one blaster per child at the party. If you don't already have an array of blasters, we would suggest the Nerf Strongarm blaster. It is relatively inexpensive (A$10 each), holds 6 darts at a time, has great accuracy/range and is really easy to use. It's also compatible with N-Strike elite darts, which are the most common Nerf dart.


Make sure your purchase some spare ammunition to go with your blasters as you're going to need an excess to prevent searching for darts all the time in order to reload. You can pick-up spare darts from major retailers or online. You will also want to have some tubs ready to store the darts in and make the kids to a big collection between games.

safety glasses

The only serious damage a Nerf dart can do is to an eye. Make sure there is at least one pair of glasses per child. Safety glasses are vey cheap to pickup, alternatively you can get kids to bring their own pair of sunglasses. We also suggest the adults bring some as well.

Food, Cake & Decoration Ideas


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