Making the switch : Football to Futsal

Football is the world game, it is played widely from the streets of Brazil to the English Premier League in Old Trafford. There many variations of the game including Beach Soccer, Bubble Soccer, Headis and arguably the area where recently we have seen the most popularity and growth ; Futsal. 

Futsal is an indoor variation of Football, in which 5 players take the court. Other than protection against the elements, the sport offers a wide variety of skills and football acumen which is easily translated in other forms of the game. The smaller sized field, encourages creativity and refines passing, touch and movement. For those who haven't played or heard of the sport the rules are as follow :

  • 5 Players on court at once (4 outfield ,1 keeper) 
  • 2 x 20 minute halves (depends on competition)
  • Played with a size 4 Futsal ball (reduced bounce) 
  • Played within the sidelines
  • 4 seconds to restart play from sideline kick or goalie throw
  • Keeper is required to throw the ball out (no goal kicks) 
  • After the keeper plays the ball, he cannot touch it until it has gone out or touched an opposition player
  • Able to score from and enter the D 

For anyone looking to get involved in the Futsal scene, there are many venues, running either social or competitive competitions. It's a great way to still play football for past players, and also a way to refine skills and enjoy another form of the game for those playing outdoor.