Australian Release Date for Nerf Rival Apollo and Nerf Rival Zeus

As of early October 2015, there has been no official announcement from Hasbro about about the Australian release of the Nerf Rival range. The Rival Apollo and Rival Zeus were launched in the US in August 2015 and were quickly in short supply online.

The widespread consensus seems to be that the Nerf Rival range may not meet Australian laws in terms of being sold off the shelf as a toy. The speculation is that Hasbro will release a watered down version for the Australian market.

For now, Australian's will to settle for ordering these blasters through Amazon. With confirmed reports of Nerf enthusiasts successfully ordering and receiving their blasters from the US.

It remains to be seen whether we will see the Rival range on Australian shores in the last part of 2015 or early in the new year. 

Knoxfield, Victoria, Australia

Knoxfield, Victoria, Australia

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