Our social mixed netball competitions and ladies netball competitions are a great way to keep fit and enjoy the company of your friends.

We are located in Knoxfield and surrounded by Rowville, Ferntree Gully, Scoresby and Wantirna South.

Knox and Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs can lay claim to being the strongest sporting areas in the State, boasting the most prestigious competitions and representative teams.

Ladies Netball Comp Knox | Mixed Netball Comp Knox

Fees & Costs

  • $100 per team per season registration fee (due by Round 3)

  • $80 match fee each game


  • Monday - Ladies (daytime), Mixed (evenings)

  • Wednesday - Mixed (evenings)

  • Thursday - Ladies (evenings)

  • Sunday - Mixed (evenings)

Season Dates 

  • Summer (October-March) Taking teams for October 2019 now! Register your interest now so you don’t miss out on a spot! Over 120 happy teams! Starts the week of Sun Oct 20! :)

  • Autumn (March-July)

  • Winter (July-October)

Note: We accept teams mid-season


  • 6:20PM, 7:00PM, 7:40PM, 8:20PM, 9:00PM, 9:40PM


  • Fully indoors and great social competition for all skill levels

  • We have full sized netball courts with sidelines. Unlike other indoor centres where courts are miniature and play is ''off the nets"

  • You'll have two high quality umpires for every game

  • We work with your team's game time preference

  • Convenient location with plenty of parking

  • We split our finals series into grades meaning everyone plays finals and has a shot and winning a premiership.


Do you require your players to hold VNA?

No we do not require our players to hold a VNA membership! We hold our own line of sports accident insurance.

Do the game times change each week?

Yes, the game times are usually rostered at 6:20, 7:00, 7:40, 8:20, 9:00 and 9:40pm starts. We rotate the times as evenly as possible so everybody gets their fair share of early and late games. If your team struggles to make the 6:20 or 7pm slots we can simply avoid these times for you. We cannot take requests for the late games, but do our best to rotate them as evenly as possible!

What happens if we forfeit?

We do our best to minimise forfeits as no competition wants them! You are always welcome to bring in fill ins and even better, we can help arrange fill ins for you at short notice from our big database of fills ins inside our facebook group. We also encourage you to join this group as you can source some fill ins quite easily! If you absolutely must forfeit, we still just require the match fee.

Can we bring in fill ins?

Yes you can certainly bring in fill ins each week to top up your team! We have a big database of fill ins inside our facebook group that you are welcome to join too.

What do we need for uniform?

You simply have to be wearing matching top colours. You are welcome to borrow our bibs, though we always recommend supplying your own as multiple teams borrow ours per evening!

Do we need to supply anything?

No, we provide the netballs and scorers to make it easy for everyone!

Do you have multiple divisions?

Yes and it is usually our preference to split our teams into multiple divisions where possible to find the best fit for yours! It’s important to remember however that grading teams is a very comprehensive process, especially when not all teams are at the same level, but we do our best efforts to find the best fit out of the pool available. We ask that teams understand a competition will have both challenging games and easier games. We do have two grading games ahead of each season to help you find the best level.

How do we pay?

The registration fee can be paid the opening night at the reception desk and the match fees can also be paid at the desk before each game! Cash and card facilities are available.