1 Hour Archery Warz - $200 per hour

Bring your group along!

Bow Tag Archery at Eastern Indoor is Melbourne's first dedicated Player vs. Player Archery Gaming and Live Action Archery experience. Bow Tag combines elements of Paintball and Dodgeball with the fun of Archery. The foam tipped arrows pack some punch, but generally has a lot less bruising than paintball (if any) and very little pain.

Bow Tag Archery is great for all adult events including Social Events, Kids Birthday Parties (ages 12+), Adult Birthday Parties, Buck's Parties, Hen's Parties and Corporate Team Building.

Our instructor referees help ensure that you have a great time, tailoring the games and activities to your age, fitness level, preferences and group dynamic. All the while ensuring safety, participation and enjoyment.

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  • 10-20 Minutes of Induction & Target Practice

  • 50-80 Minute of Gameplay


  • Birthday Party

  • Social Gathering

  • Team Building Activity

  • Bucks Party

  • Hens Party

  • Sporting Club Events



  • Dedicated Instructor Referee

  • Archery Bows

  • Targets

  • Foam Tipped Arrows

  • Protective Headgear

  • Arm Protectors


  • Bubble Soccer

  • Nerf Dart Tag

  • Dodgeball

  • Indoor Soccer

  • Indoor Cricket



The most popular game format for Bow Tag follows the same elimination process as Dodgeball, with a few variations. If you get hit, you head to the sidelines and then there are a couple of ways to be brought back in by your team mates.


There are no targets and no way of coming back in. Once you are hit, you are out for the rest of the game.


In this game mode, the 5 spot targets are removed. You start with two opposing teams and if a player is hit, they become commit Treason and join the other team. The winning team ends up with everyone on their side.


Each team has a doctor. When a player is hit, they must sit in their position. The doctor's role is to 'heal' his team's players by tagging them back to life. A game is won when the opposing doctor is hit.


When a player is hit, they go to 'prison', which is an area behind the opposition's end. They lay down their bow and the only way back into the game is to catch an arrow show by their team mates.


The same as Prison Break, except players keep their bows and can use arrows sent by team mates to hit an opponent so as to re-enter the game.


There are four teams divided into equal quadrants. Players are eliminated by being hit. The team that eliminates the last player from a quadrant then takes over that quadrant. A team wins by eliminating all of their opponents.


A pair or more of shooters are chosen and a remaining group (usually 6) of players are divided into Bucks and Does. Usually they wear different colour masks or a headband. The group gather 10-15 metres up court from the shooters. They then attempt to run across, leaving at least two seconds apart. If the shooters fail to hit a Buck or hit a Doe at any point, their turn is over.


A shooter or pair of shooters is chosen. The remaining group make a dash for the other end of the court, trying to avoid being hit. If a player is hit, they join the shooting team. The winner is the last runner left.



  • Sporting attire (shorts or leggings and t-shirt/polos) is recommended as it does get quite hot running around.

  • Players must wear sports appropriate closed toe footwear.

  • Players who require glasses are recommended to wear contacts if possible as it is difficult to wear a protective facemask with glasses

  • Players must remove any loose jewellery and cover any items that may cause injury or damage to equipment