Kids & Junior Futsal Competition

Competition available: Junior Indoor Soccer - Monday (U10s), Tuesday (U12s), Wednesday(U14s) and Thursday(Girls U10s and U12s) + (Boys Under 16s)

Our popular Junior Futsal Comp starts the first week of term 4, October 7 and runs for 10 weeks during term 4 until the week of December 9! The competition then resumes in Term 1 and runs for 8 weeks until the week of March 23!

Registration/Insurance Fee as a team: $40

Match Fee as a team: $55

We have 40 junior futsal teams in total across all our competition nights and over 120 adult teams, so there’s plenty of experience and variety to go around!

Futsal is a fantastic way to improve foot skills, passing, team work and scoring. Your team will have five players on court at one time, including a goal keeper.

Team Entry: Please submit a team enquiry below and we will be in touch.

Individual Entry: Please submit an enquiry about being placed into one of the new teams we’re forming.


Kids & Junior Futsal Coached Clinics

Term 4, 2019!

Starting Saturday October 12, 2019!

Introduce your child to the fantastic game of soccer through development skills and modified games!

Expertly trained coaches who will prepare your kids for indoor and outdoor soccer

Sat Mornings: Ages 3-5, Ages 6-8 and Ages 9-12

Ages 6-8, 9-12, 9:30am-10:30am

Ages 3-5, 10:30am-11:30am

$15 per session

Term 4 dates - Saturday October 12 to Sat Dec 14

What IS Futsal?

  • Under 10s, Under 12s, Under 14s, Under 16s, Girls Only 10s and 12s

    • Mondays (U10s), Tuesdays (U12s), Wednesdays (U14s), Thursdays (Girls Only U10s and U12s), (U16s)

  • Game times (we work with your teams preferences)

    • 4:30PM, 5:00PM, 5:30PM, 6:00PM, 6:30PM

    • Games consist of 2x 14 minutes halves

Note: We accept teams mid-season


  • Minimum 5 players per team, maximum of 10

  • Qualified referees for every match

  • Competition conducted under FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game

  • Matching colour uniform is a requirement of all teams

  • Player registration fee applies to cover insurance (see costs)

  • All registered players are covered by insurance

  • An indoor and miniature version of outdoor Soccer (Football)

  • Played with a smaller and heavier ball

  • Five players per side on the pitch (including goalkeeper)

  • Plays to sidelines, you place the ball on the sideline and kick it back in

  • You can score from anywhere on the pitch

  • Once the keeper has had possession, you can't pass back until the opposition has touched the ball

Fees & Costs

  • $55 per team, per game

  • $40 registration fee per team, per season


Age Group

  • U10 (Born 2009 or later)

  • U12 (Born 2007 or later)

  • U14 (Born 2005 or later)

  • U16 (Born 2003 or later)


  • Fully indoors and great social competition for all skill levels

  • Our courts are large with both nets and sidelines. Unlike other indoor centres we can cater to both Futsal & Indoor Soccer

  • We work with your team's game time preference

  • Convenient location with plenty of parking

  • We split our finals series into grades meaning everyone plays finals and has a shot and winning a premiership.